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two things that are stupid, brought to you by my cranky mood

1. The Vegan Table recipe for Borscht, which makes you boil quartered beets, greens, and potatoes for 30 minutes and then try to pick the quarters out of the opaque purple liquid with tongs while the bits of greens stick … Continue reading

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THE fake mac-n-cheese!

The quest for our personal favorite macaroni and fake cheese is ended. I had been disappointed before (Mac Daddy, you bastard) and unenthused yet reasonably satisfied (VegNews). But this one is actually GOOD! Or else my tastebuds have finally been … Continue reading

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teeth soup and gullet pie

For some reason this one image from Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone (which was my favorite cookbook forever ago and is really very vegan-useful) has been lodged in my brain, even though I haven’t looked at the pictures sections … Continue reading

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the terrible rain! the terrible gluten!

Yesterday the weather was just miserable. It was 40 degrees and rained all day and all night. I don’t know how there could even be so much rain. The incessant dripping caused the puppy to develop extreme craziness. He is … Continue reading

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oldness accompanied by crankiness

Oooh, we are doing so bad at the mofo. I had no idea things would turn out this way when we signed up. Well let’s see. I had my birthday last week so now I am 31 which is not … Continue reading

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I have been expending so much energy in cooking and photographing but then falling asleep halfway through the blogging part. How sad for me, I am old. So on Thursday I made the alfredo from VeganYumYum. I didn’t like it … Continue reading

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grilled uncheese

The Uncheese Cookbook is crazy. It doesn’t make things that are like cheese, but it makes cheese-type things. It’s like how squirrels are in the monkey niche. Like if you described what cheese is like to someone in a parallel … Continue reading

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No one accomplished their goals yesterday, besides the puppy, who did indeed lose his manly bits. Sweetie did not make the dinner because he had “a headache.” But I did make the dinner. Black bean and Sweet Potato Flautas from … Continue reading

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So. Last April I decided I was on the verge of fulfilling my unfortunate genetic destiny (to be a sausage-shaped Polish lady) and I took all my measurements and bought the 30 Day Shred DVD. Then various things happened where … Continue reading

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garden bounty

Our upstairs neighbors are very industrious and have converted our overgrown shitheap of a backyard into a lovely garden oasis (I see a trend here). I have only helped to garden a few times, and they are still very nice … Continue reading

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