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Cookies and brownies and cookies and beautiful coal tar poison

We have had a sweet-filled kitchen the last few days. These are the oatmeal raisin cookies from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, which I am just going to call VCIYCJ because I am lazy. And also I think I … Continue reading

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Making vegan cooking even more difficult

Last night I had my friends Erin and Liz over for dinner, and I am so impressed with myself because I made us all a dinner that everyone could eat. And it was yummy! Usually that is not too terribly … Continue reading

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Well I finally got around to making a rainbow cake using my super-expensive non-coal-tar-derived natural food colorings. It looked ok before baking. Kind of pastelly, but what can you expect from natural food coloring. I used the VCToTW yellow cake … Continue reading

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things that are expensive and then tofu

Well leave it to Whole Foods to solve your natural food coloring dilemmas and it will only cost you approximately three times more than is reasonable. I stood in front of these forever agonizing about the price ($16.99!!!) and having … Continue reading

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a beautiful cake

How beautiful is this cake? Look at it! I want to make it but I am scared of artificial food colorings and how they are derived from coal tar and kill you by cancerizing your liver or something. How can … Continue reading

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