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beans and beans and bananas

Okay, I think I am getting the hang of cooking non-icky Eat to Live food. The trick is basically to not cook any recipe that was ever submitted to a mailing list. This is the best dinner from last week. … Continue reading

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i went on vacation, i ate some junk, i gained 2 lbs

We went out of town this past weekend and I had really good intentions and I purposely got a hotel room with a fridge and microwave and brought a giant tub of lettuce and some stuff to make healthful burritos. … Continue reading

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things are looking up! in case you were worried

I guess I could be characterized as a “critical” or “nitpicky” person. So it is amazing that in all of the Eat to Live book there is only one thing that I think is really crazy. Well there are two … Continue reading

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Oh January, how I love you

There’s nothing like January 1st to help me go from none to all. And I am totally at ALL. There is no fat-off at my work, since there are only 6 people in my little teaching unit and I am … Continue reading

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how can we have more kitchen explosions for 2010

It is the end of our second day on Eat To Live. We both feel like we are going to die (perhaps we are DETOXING) so I think we will relax a little from now on… Here Chris O is … Continue reading

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