So. Last April I decided I was on the verge of fulfilling my unfortunate genetic destiny (to be a sausage-shaped Polish lady) and I took all my measurements and bought the 30 Day Shred DVD. Then various things happened where my young-ish and beloved dog Oscar was diagnosed with cancer and had to be put to sleep a month later and I didn’t eat for a month and I lost a ton of weight and felt anxious and depressed and terrible. So now it is 6 months later and I am exactly the same as I was before all that. Except I have a crazy puppy and I am worried that everyone secretly has cancer.

weight 138 (was 141 in April)
boob-waist-hip 36-30-40 (exactly the same)

I was down to 127 for a while there but it is just depressing that the only way I can weigh that much is if I never eat real meals. It’s not about the weight per se but about how I can feel my abdominal meats bouncing around when I go down stairs. So October is my test month where I see if this “exercise” thing people always talk about actually does something or what.

I was supposed to do Day 2 of Couch to 5K today but I had to go to Wegmans and then it was dark out, so instead I did Level 2 of stupid Jillian’s 30 Day Shred. I wish Jillian wasn’t such a huge sell-out. First she was telling everyone to drink 3 glasses of milk per day and now she is selling some crazy fat-burning pills. Jillian, can you please sell-out to a slightly lesser extent? And tell Bob to shut up about Yoplait. I do like to watch The Biggest Loser (or the Largest Fatty-Fatter as I like to call it) but I do NOT like the General Mills product placement. Yoplait! Are you kidding me? Just have some damn pudding. Anyway also I lied before and there is imaginary jump-rope in Level 2 of 30DS UNLESS you quit 2/3 of the way through which I may or may not have done last time. Not this time though. Anyway.

I meant to photograph everything I ate today so I could see the egregiousness of it but I forgot. Instead here is a picture of some stew I made last week. It is still a timely picture because only today I threw out the leftover half of it that was rotting in the fridge.

stewPlease note the quinoa. Anyway this is the African Peanut and Sweet Potato stew from The Vegan Table. I had a minor crisis about this due to goddamn YAMS. I always think of a sweet potato as the orange ones but I always thought that was technically wrong and that the orange ones are yams and the light yellow ones (which I had never had before) are sweet potatoes. I fully intended to buy the orange ones but then I had a failure of confidence in the tubers section of the supermarket and I bought the ones which were labeled sweet potatoes, which are these yellow ones. Then I read about it and apparently everything here is a sweet potato and if you want a yam you have to leave the country or read Things Fall Apart. All I remember about that book is that there were a ton of yams. Thanks, high school education. But I digress. The yellow ones are ok but I like the orange ones better and those are what I would use next time. Also you may want to halve the recipe if your boyfriend is a miserable slacker in the department of eating his allotment of leftover stew.


Day 2 of Couch to 5K, which I will have to do by myself, since the puppy is having his balls off tomorrow.

I will eat everything I normally eat and then realize that it adds up to 6000 calories and 0.01 grams of protein.

Sweetie will cook Black Bean and Sweet Potato (Orange Ones) Flautas from Yellow Rose Recipes and potentially melt zero spatulas.

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