more quinoa!

Today I ate a MILLION foods. Let us memorialize all of them.

One Costco raisin bread slice with fake butter
One local peach
One tomato and fake-onaise sandwich
Two trader joes maple sandwich cookies (110 calories each!!!)
Two zucchini muffins
Three chocolate covered cranberries
One lemonade yuppie vitamin water
Three cups tea with soymilk
Also, dinner.

But I walked 3 miles and mowed the lawns! I think I still gained a thousand pounds today.


Quinoa with fresh corn and scallions from Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone although really you don’t need a recipe as the only other ingredients are salt, pepper, and (fake) butter. And I made a spanakopita with the fake feta from The Uncheese Cookbook. The fake feta is not much like feta on its own but it is good at acting like feta in the spanakopita. On its own it is smooshier than real feta.

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One Response to more quinoa!

  1. jemnifer jemnifer says:

    Mmmm, that looks good. Did you really let the fake feta marinate for 2 days like it says in the recipe?

    Your list is not that huge, I guess it depends on the size of the zucchini muffins and what was in them. It is hard not to eat a lot on the weekends when the kitchen is so close to your mouth most of the day.

    Did you make anything with the beets yet? And what was the verdict on the Penzey’s Goddess dressing?

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