some dinners, way not as exciting as getting married

I am not good at trying new recipes, I still keep making things I’ve already made a million times. I did make a new cake recipe this weekend, good for me. Especially now that I eat the same thing for breakfast and dinner every day, I only get lunch for something different, so I want it to be something I know is good. Maybe I’ll just try one new recipe a week. The best dinner recipe I’ve tried that uses pineapple is the pineapple-quinoa stirfry from Veganomicon. It is really delightful with a fresh pineapple, but canned is good too. The roasted cashews are delicious. The recipe says to cool the quinoa down before you add it to the stirfry, which I never do all the way, but I have discovered if it is still hot that the whole thing gets quite gummy. That was dinner for sweetie (and lunch for me the next day), and here was my dinner: A banana, two persimmons, a head of romaine lettuce, some grapes, some frozen mango chunks, an apple, and a giant bunch of arugula. I recomend everything about this except the arugula, it really makes it taste disgusting. 6 cups of disgusting. I had even just typed about how disgusting it was in a saloothie and I still went and used it. But I am a little crazy about throwing out any contents of my giant CSA box, so if a giant bunch of spicy greens is looking sad and wilted and good for nothing but compost, then it might as well give me nutrients instead.

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