Dear blog, my, how we have neglected you for one whole year! Poor thing, I just deleted 2000 spam comments for you. I think one of them MIGHT have been real but it was a lady saying that her Hamilton Beech immersion blender is just as good as a vitamix for making green smoothies which is pretty much as ridiculous than buying term papers and cheap pandora charms online…

Let’s see. Last spring,  the husband and I bought a house with a one acre yard. I proceeded to ignore all the indoors things, like the terrible bathroom, and put in a gimungous garden and spent a head-exploding amount of money to fence in a half acre for the dogs. Then I couldn’t really take care of the garden because I got seventeen mosquito bites every time I stepped outside from the middle of June until last weekend, and it made my head really explode, and I had to spend all the minutes before I lost a lethal amount of blood mowing the grass in the front half acre so I weeded maybe twice and good thing it rained a lot so I didn’t have to water much. I need to develop a better system next year. Good thing most plants just grow on their own although I did lose all my beautiful rutabagas to some jerkface harlequin bugs.

Anyway I had some San Marzano tomato plants, which I don’t get the hype. They taste gross uncooked, and are mostly made of air. One plant got some nasty wilt and I had to rip it out, and a lot of the tomatoes had nasty blossom end rot. There were still a lot of tomatoes though. Good thing Roger the dog likes to eat tomatoes although not nearly as much as he likes cucumbers. I also had a few black cherry tomato plants, which are delicious, but 3 plants is waaaay too many and I had to foist many of them off on my coworkers. Those all are mostly over and now I have a few mystery heirloom tomato plants from a mixed packet of seeds, so I don’t even know what they are, bombarding me with tomatoes.

Anyway a lot of the tomatoes have been rotting out there which is gross but there are just TOO MANY. Last weekend I went out and rescued some of them.

Last time I made sauce I thought I had so many tomatoes and it took a million years and I ended up with 3 teaspoons of sauce and it was so annoying. This time I just chucked all the cherry tomatoes in the vitamix and liquified them, seeds and skins and all. The plum tomatoes, I cut in half and cooked until soft, and then ran them through a food mill. Then I sauteed a finely chopped onion in olive oil, then added all the tomato liquids and pulps and cooked it until it thickened up. This seemed to work delightfully. I feared the seeds would make it bitter but it was not and it was nice and tomatoey. I froze 2/3 of it and used 1/3 to make this:

I thought that disgusting picture would be good for setting a low bar for our return to food blogging. For personal crisis reasons that I do not wish to describe, I am having an obsession with eating lower carb and higher protein. I know this is such an annoying dietary thing to do and I annoy even myself and I am putting protein powder in everything and making everything taste disgusting. But it is only for a few months. Anyway this is a lasagna type concoction but with eggplants and no noodles. I roasted 2 slices eggplants and 2 bell peppers and a red onion, then I layered all that junk with tomato sauce and tofu ricotta and put some fake cheese on top. I think I put protein powder in the ricotta. This was actually delicious but I think maybe because the sauce was so delightful and tomatoey. It might be gross with jar sauce.

This post is not good enough to be the sole representative for 2013 so maybe I shall see you again soon, blog.




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