3 things I made over the summer and photographed badly with my iphone

This is a good tomato recipe! “Fresh Corn Polenta with Sauteed Cherry Tomatoes” from Peter Berley. I have a different cookbook from Peter Berley and everything in it looks delicious and also takes ten hours to make because each recipe includes five other recipes that you have to make first but this recipe is quite simple and delicious and uses up some of one’s nine bazillion cherry tomatoes. I added nutritional yeast to the polenta, and arugula.

I made my first giant zucchini of the season into a stuffed zucchini and I meant to do it with the rest but then I let them sit too long and they turned into wood. I made up this recipe but I used Helen’s Organic Veggie Ground for the first time, which is really quite tasty, has nice big slices of mushrooms in it, and no isolated soy so that is nice, also an onion, brown rice, and a red pepper, and topped with canned tomato puree and a bit of fake cheese.

A blueberry pie.


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