Today I made “Lentil and Quinoa Stew with Lots of Kale” from Isa Does It, a recipe selected by my illustrious blog partner on the merits of its inclusion of quinoa. My decision to partake had to do with how once Costco was out of quinoa, so the next 3 times I saw quinoa there I remembered how once I wanted it and couldn’t get it, forgot how I had bought it before, and am now the proud owner of 12 pounds of organic quinoa. Also I was too cheap to buy “lots” of kale so it is only 0.57 as much as it should be.

cookin’ buddy

I was assisted by the cookin’ buddy dog. He likes all fruits and vegetables which we think is so adorable. Also it is adorable how he peer pressures the other dog into also eating vegetables, although the other dog clearly does not like vegetables one bit. Cookin’ buddy dog always sits next to me while I chop and enjoys morsels. It becomes only slightly less cute once you get to know him better and realize he also likes to eat every other item in the world including paper towel rolls, shoe insoles, anything plastic, stink bugs, and all varieties of poops.

That garlic thing is the garlic rocker. The idea is that you press it over the garlic, and its little cutty holes in the middle turn it to bits, then the garlic bits end up in the little scoopy thing for easy transfer to the pot. And then the thing is made of stainless steel so it takes the garlic smell off your hands as you wash it. It is kind of great but kind of not great. It takes some practice and muscle to get it to chop the garlic nicely. The transfer part is great. Then it is kind of hard to get the bits out of the cutter holes. Also maybe the bits are bigger than some might like, although I don’t mind them. But the part where it gets the smell off the hands is amazingly great. I hate washing my stupid garlic press so I use this all the time.

There is a convenient 40 minutes boiling time where you can perform your Jillian Michaels “Ripped in 30” video in a vain attempt to lose some of your medication- and holiday-induced fat bloat.

When I returned from the aforementioned endeavor, the pot contents were looking a bit porridgey for my tastes so I decided to go off-recipe and add a can of diced tomatoes.

If I were to name this recipe I would probably call it “Big Pot o’ Slop.” It reminds me of something you might feed a very fancy, healthy pig. It does taste ok but something about it makes me sad, like after you give up on everything about food other than it being nourishing, this is what you can shovel into your gullet. Also the quinoa:lentil ratio seemed too high to me. Also to be fair she says to put hot sauce on it but I don’t like hot sauce. Also in my prejudicial mind “put hot sauce on it” is only given as advice for something when you know it is not tasty on its own. But, I am in a weird place with food right now. I am starving all the time but trying to lose 10 lb before the end of this month which is obviously not possible so I am thinking about food constantly and my standards are outrageous as far as how healthy and delicious and low calorie everything needs to be. To be even fairer this is the first thing I have not thought was great from Isa Does It and perhaps for my next entry I shall illuminate the more pleasing things I have made from this book.

Bowl o’ slop. I mean it’s not terrible or anything.


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