Photos from my phone part I

Well here are the photos my phone will allow me to upload as of now. I think they might be huge, such fun! I’m working with an iPhone and an ipad here and it is not media friendly.

These are in reverse chronological order so it will be fun to go back in time. This is the Salisbury seitan and golden gravy from the Real Food Daily cookbook circa 2006. The cookbook is circa 2006 not the meal. Except I used bought seitan because, lazy. This gravy is a bit too nutritional yeasty for my complete approval. I do not know why it is sideways.

This is the empowered miso bowl from the Oh She Glows cookbook. I am not too sure about that cookbook, it feels very uneven, or something. I was not a fan of this, it was too weird. The cilantro didn’t go and the dressing was strange and too sweet. It has miso, tahini, orange juice, sesame oil, and maple syrup and I think it needs to lose at least 2 of those ingredients… I skipped the sprouts because sprouts are laden with bacteria but I don’t think they would have helped any. I was thinking it might be better with tofu instead of edamame, and brown rice instead of quinoa, and broccoli, and a different dressing, but at that point why bother. Also I just should admit to myself that I don’t enjoy quinoa that much. I can’t even ever think of a time when I was eating quinoa and not wishing I was eating something else instead.

This is my little doggie eating a kale leaf! Isn’t he adorable. He likes the stems.

This is a sauerkraut cake that I made for my german coworker’s birthday in July. Apparently there was a canned sauerkraut surplus in the mid 20th century and a cafeteria worker invented this to use it up. in my case I specifically bought a can of sauerkraut for this, use only half of it, then threw the rest out so it was in direct contrast to the spirit of thrift in which the cake was invented. You could not actually taste the sauerkraut which everyone was disappointed by, I think they would have liked it better if it was disgusting.

This is a potato salad recipe from The Complete Tassajara Cookbook which is a very pleasant cookbook, although it is vegetarian not vegan. I have been buying a lot of used cookbooks for one penny plus shipping on amazon in case you could not tell. I remember the potato salad being very garlicky and this was months ago so it must have been very garlicky. The veggie burgers are Scott Jurek’s mushroom and lentil ones. I have a hilarious Brendan Brazier vs Scott Jurek veggie burger showdown post planned but it’s being held up by how I can’t remember the difference between the two of them. One does ultramarathons and one does triathalons and one makes Vega, I think. One or both are Canadian.

Oh yum this is a recipe from the moosewood cookbook that I used to make when I was in 7th grade and my mom used to pay me to cook dinner when I got home from school. The original has cottage cheese and sour cream but I veganized it. It is: one large sliced onion and a couple crushed cloves of garlic sautéed in some of the liquid from a small jar of marinated artichoke hearts, then add the artichoke hearts chopped up, about 4 oz tofu mashed like cottage cheese, and a glob of tofutti sour cream. Put on spaghetti. So oily and delicious. So sad for me that I quit pasta yesterday.


This is a recipe from the Great Life cookbook that I got while I was in a brief macrobiotic phase this spring. It is recipes from a couple hippies in ithaca who cook big communal macrobiotic dinners so you have to divide all the recipes by 5 as they make 20 servings. Somehow I managed to get through my macrobiotic phase without eating a single macrobiotic meal. Pickles and seaweed, just yuck. Anyway this is a gluten free blueberry coffee cake that I made for my gluten free coworker’s birthday. It tasted good but I didn’t bake it long enough because the batter was so weirdly textured I couldn’t figure out what was going on with it so it was a little overly moist. I think if you bake it forever it would be quite nice.

Ta da, those are all the photos my phone felt I should upload just now. There are some more for next time though. Also some on my real camera! Then I will be caught up and can make real posts like a normal person.

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