Heather as “calm & reasonable vegan bride.” Jennifer as “honorable and pregnant matron.” Lenny as “biting worm.” Alice as “bait.” Photo by Mr. Jennifer.

Heather lives in Northern Virginia with Chris O, Lenny the dog, Roger the dog, and two three four dopey cats. Jennifer lives in the Bay Area of California with sweetie-husband, sweetie-daughter, sweetie-son, and furry sweeties. They are brought together across the 2,774 miles by their mutual neglect of their shared blog.

Meats be gone.

Jennifer has been vegetarian since she was 19, excepting special circumstances such as ham when crazy parents/grandparents were having meltdowns on holidays or squeezed lambs in particularly tasty Indian buffets. She tried once for 4 months to be vegan in 2001 but couldn’t really get past the no cheese thing. But then she and her sweetie listened to The Way We Eat on a very long drive to Arizona and back in December 2006 and decided to be vegans, so no more lamb juice. She likes to cook giant vegan meals so that there are many days of leftover lunches to save money for the most likely imaginary house she wants to buy because she bought a house last year and has no money.

Heather has been vegetarian since sixth grade but then she had some really crazy vegan roommates in college. Sadly, she believed for years that all vegans had anger management issues that caused them to punch walls. Then she realized the vegan Jennifer was not any crazier than regular Jennifer! Heather has been vegan since summer 2007 and recently forced everyone to be vegan at her vegan wedding.

Meats, begone!

Jennifer is currently gestating, so all meats (hers, not anything you can buy in a store) reduction plans are on hold until after December 11th, 2011. But after that, watch out. Armed with a copy of Heather’s P90X DVDs and an acquired love of blended greens, she will be inspired to get to a healthy weight ASAP. She knows no moderation, so every day will either be 3 hours of strenuous exercise and eating carrots or not getting out of bed and eating 100 cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. Good thing she is never successful at making that damn peanut butter frosting.

Heather keeps starting P90x and then getting sick and quitting. She is totally quitting bread and sugar after the holiday season.

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    i very much enjoyed this about

  2. Missy says:

    I truly enjoyed reading this, it showed me different recipes to make for you & Christopher and also what not to make. I want to buy a vegan cookbook, what is the best one ?

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