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things that are expensive and then tofu

Well leave it to Whole Foods to solve your natural food coloring dilemmas and it will only cost you approximately three times more than is reasonable. I stood in front of these forever agonizing about the price ($16.99!!!) and having … Continue reading

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No one accomplished their goals yesterday, besides the puppy, who did indeed lose his manly bits. Sweetie did not make the dinner because he had “a headache.” But I did make the dinner. Black bean and Sweet Potato Flautas from … Continue reading

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very green-wa

Wow, we are such quinoa lovers. I made the Indian version of Green-wa on Friday because I didn’t have any soy yogurt but I always have coconut milk. I used full fat coconut milk so I really should calculate the … Continue reading

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A greenish meal.

Today I cooked dinner, someone give me a prize. I made Green-wa from Yellow Rose Recipes. Then I pan-fried a zucchini and half an onion and a tomato. On top I put Penzey’s Green Goddess dressing made up with Vegenaise. … Continue reading

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